Date: 6 November 2019


Études x Adieu


Fall is about to arrive, and so is our newest
collaboration—please welcome: Études x Adieu.
Ever since its inception in 2012, the Parisian shoe brand
Adieu has set itself apart from conventional approaches
to contemporary design by continuously embracing
artistic intentions that came along with the 50s up until
the late 70s.

Adieu’s distinctive mixture between a Londonesque-
underground feel and French gentility create dynamic
compositions of footwear, lastingly making it into our
memory with its abiding hybridity.
As Adieu meets Études—and boundaries blur even
further—a collaboration of contemporaneity and
tradition is called into existence. Featuring 4 pairs in
total (2 designs, 2 colors), this joint undertaking
especially wants to remind us of the suave allure that
comes with youthful sophistication. The prospective
models of these shoes—a derby and a 8-hole boot
(available in army green and black)—are made with
leather and carry the brands’ logos in silver print.

The outcome is proof of the visual voyage that is design
and its history, subtly offering that
type of coolness that doesn’t need to give explanations outside of itself.

Instead, it all just sort of is.