Date: 25 March 2020


Swedish label Our Legacy recently debuted its Spring 2020 collection during Paris Fashion Week. Titled “Joyous Reunion,” the new range is heavily influenced by different social movements and changing societies. Referencing enlightenment and social progress, pieces throughout the collection are inspired by different craft techniques and the relationship between tradition and progression.

Speaking about the collection, Our Legacy Creative Director Cristopher Nying explained the influences: “As we become more enlightened, there is a disconnect between tradition and progression. This collection is inspired by that disconnect, and the social movements who push boundaries, whether it is the anti-war demonstrations, the sexual liberation or the birth of funk. Demonstrations, banners and slogans are the natural means of message for social change and therefore the collection shows inspiration by handicraft, with many different techniques and applications used to create contrast in materials and fabrics. The result is pieces of clothing as modern placards.”

In order to showcase these reference points, the collection mixes “retro futuristic” materials with traditional techniques. Textures such as bleached silk, patent leather and latex-inspired synthetics are used alongside hand knitted detailing, photo collages, papier mache and an earthy color.

Take a look at the Spring 2020 collection in the gallery above, and expect it to start arring in January.

Credit from : Hyperbeast