Date: 7 September 2019



Beyond The Clouds is a reminder that amidst all the chaos and frenetic energy, there is also a calm energy around all of us. We don’t need to shout or run, too busy and tense to notice what is around and above us. We only need to relax and look beyond the clouds. Pigeons live on the streets of Paris but then take flight and soar above the basilicas, shops and people. Likewise flowers are everywhere around us and remind us that we should look within nature, as nature is always watching. When you break through the haze and reach beyond the clouds, you see the sky and realise there is an infinite expanse above and around us. Beyond The Clouds is the new frontier. In AW19, technical Polartec fabric sweats and outerwear provide insulation for Polar landscapes. Patchwork flannel dresses, pants and shirts feature customisable adjustments so that they can be built in layers or worn alone.



Custom printed crushed velvet pieces show a virtual 3D landscape infused with subtle floral patterns, creating an urban camouflage. Oversized T-shirts feature appliqué detailing on tie dyed cotton with front chenille branded patches, a suggestion to what is above and below.


Break through to the place beyond the clouds with P.A.M.

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