“A Good-Looking Chaos”, Jeux de Peau By IDEA MAGAZINE

Date: 26 February 2020


Jeux de Peau. The new Purienne book. Published by IDEA. Hugely impressive new work from Purienne’s home in the Hollywood Hills.
Jeux de Peau is the name of the house and the title of the book. Largely composed of reflecting and contrasting double pages, this is book of twentieth century design and twenty-first century women! It is also just absolutely wonderful(if you needed a more critical review).



“A Good-Looking Chaos”: Photographer Purienne on His Breathtaking New Book, Jeux de Peau

South African–born, Los Angeles–based Henrik Purienne, better known on Instagram and by the host of brands who commission work from him simply as Purienne, is less a mere photographer than a conjurer of worlds. In Purienne World, the sun is always shining, there’s probably a pool nearby, and the only obligations at hand seem to center around a hedonistic and very chic sense of quietude. With his fourth book of sensuous and evocative photos, Jeux de Peau (named after the house in the Hollywood Hills where the photos in the book were shot), just out from IDEA—there’s a launch party at Dover Street Market Los Angeles on Saturday—we caught up with Purienne while he sat in his garden opening the first box of his just-arrived new books.