Children of The Discordance is The Japanese Brand You Need To Know About

Date: 16 August 2019


“Children of the discordance” introduces fair trade products for the people such as from Zapatistas (Mexico) and Masai tribesmen (Africa). Plus, as one of their noteworthy activities, they release the products produced by the one and only remained domestic textile factory in Palestine for women and kids in refugee camp.

The treasurable products are always created with designer’s backbone such as youth-culture, deep knowledge of minor tribesmen and third world.

Additionally, they started the special joint-work with the artist “NAOTO YOSHIDA” which offers the premium collection of New-Vintage-Clothes, remade in Japan.

Children of the Discordance is an emerging label from Tokyo. Currently two seasons in, the brand pulls from various subcultures and Shikama’s personal archive of collectibles. For SS19, Shikama revisited his early 20s, pushing past the more-or-less ubiquitous trend for all things ’90s in favor of more recent times. “I went back to what I wore back [in the ’00s], such as the silhouettes and the styling, the volume of the items, and the how the edges of the pants sit,” he says. “It’s not ’90s but 2000s. It’s updated and more sophisticated than the ’90s. I looked at how it was back then and mixed it with how I feel today.”

This fairtrade approach has both a moral and a quality-first element, comparable to visvim who also endeavour to use the most authentic fabrics possible. “We also use a lot of embroidery,” Shikama says as an example. “I believe in paying full value to those embroidery craftsmen. It motivates them to do their best work as it brings them a better life. I never negotiate discounts with the domestic partners we create our collections with. I will continue to work as I do now. For me, there is absolutely no room for compromise when pursuing better quality.”